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Affiliate Programs - Program

Do you Love help others ?

Have you ever thought about doing something that would cause a positive change in someone's life ?

Here is your opportunity , recommending us to your friends and receive rewards !

How will you feel when you have helped someone to stand up and start living a happier life , or if someone revived the magic and love in his marriage , or if someone managed to reconnect to a son that was almost lost?

How do you feel hearing someone thanking you for having believed in him more than he believed in himself, or have helped someone to improve his quality of life ?

What you have to do is to recommend I HAVE THE POWER to your friends , colleagues, family , or even someone who you want to help. We 'll do the rest , through our events , courses , tools, and support services .

"Help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want in life " - Zig Ziglar

We believe that those who do good for others deserve to be rewarded , and so we created the I HAVE THE POWER AFFILIATE PROGRAM.

Here's how it works:

1. Have access to hundreds of products in the personal development and excellence area. Our products include books , CD , DVD and MP3 , Courses , Seminars and Conferences , Merchandising , etc. .

2 . Customers for life . If a customer comes from your site or a link, registers on our system and makes a purchase , he'll be associated with you . If in the future he comes through your website or link, or even directly to our site , he continues to be your customer and you will receive commissions on all the purchases he makes .

3 . Commission of 10% on the value of each order ( not including postage or taxes ) are paid on all purchases .

4 . Excellent promotional tools to make your customer visit our site more often :

- Powerful Phrases - motivational phrases sent to all subscribers on a weekly basis via e - mail

- Promotional banners you can place on your website

- Inspiring stories and articles that you can put in your newsletter or on your website

 - Calendar of Courses and Events where to refer clients

- Specific products where to refer clients

- Videos where to refer clients

- New Products and Promotions

5 . You direct customers to our site . We 'll do the rest! We register all visitors who come from your recommendation. You will earn 10 % commission for every purchase generated from your recommendations .

We process orders . We ship the products . We treat customer support and billing . You receive the commission. We will pay each month , from the date you are accepted into the program ! You just have to recommend everyone to our site .

6 . More benefits :

a) Credibility and Integrity . Everyone knows the increasing importance of the Personal Excellence is the development of successful people and organizations. Promote the development of individuals, families and organizations is something positive and increasingly necessary.

b ) If a customer is not satisfied , we give him an 100% satisfaction guarantee. Defective products are replaced. If a customer is not satisfied with one of our courses or events , he will be refunded or he decides whether to use the value in exchange for other products / services .

c ) Reports. In your MyIHTP area you have restricted access to online tools that allow you to monitor the progress of this program at any time .

How can one become a member of the I HAVE THE POWER Affiliate Program ?

All you have to do is :

1. Read the Terms of Conditions

2 . Register on our site

3 . After login to your account at MyIHTP, just click in " Become Affiliate " and you're done .

Then you just have to recommend the " I HAVE THE POWER " to yout clients , friends and acquaintances and start earning.

Why do we do this ?

We know by experience the difference that I HAVE THE POWER can make in a person's life .

If we offer you an extra incentive to help us get the word out , we know we can change mindsets in a generation and accomplish something that is inconceivable for some.

Cliqck here and Register now.