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Kathy Fehst Barroso - SICORO CEO

"I had heard a lot about NLP and I confess that from the beginning I wanted to know more about this subject. The fact that we are able to motivate and change us , in terms of personal relationships , leadership , communication and thereby achieve a level of excellence captivated me and I decided to enroll in a course . Of course I put the question of where to take this course and all references led me to a person : Dr. Adelino Cunha .
I enrolled in the course and I know Dr. Adelino Cunha .
It was a unique experience .
Besides being a nice person and charismatic Dr. Adelino has the ability to translate and communicate in a simple and understandable way, something as complex as Neuro Linguistic Programming .
There were three days of intense training , but fun and enriching for all .
I guarantee that the following Monday when we return to work immediately started thinking and acted differently . Think , Say and Working for Success are concepts that Dr. Adelino teaches as a master to be applied at all levels of our lives .
I would strongly recommend to anyone who is curious or just really want to learn more , the courses of Dr. Adelino Cunha in NLP and Coaching . "

Luís Valente - Marketing Director - Mylan, Portugal

"Working with Adelino Cunha and have him as our brand ambassador (Mylan) was an extraordinary experience. How he captivates the audience, passing messages in between the lines, takes audiences on a journey of emotion being able, in a rational and structured way, to share feelings, moods and experiences is a remarkable achievement!
A whole range of communication techniques, NLP that captivate customers and make behavior changes!
A privilege to know him, hear him and work with him ! "

Varenka Leloup - Aon Portugal

About our Course EMOTIONAL SALES MASTERY for AON ...

" I remember the 3 days of training NLP as 3 fantastic days !
As each day passed the environment has improved and intensified ever. There were three days of intense learning of concepts that, after all, are very simple . I left this experience with an eagerness to learn more and more and more . And that's what I've been doing by reading books that have been recommended and internet research .

What makes this special training is an opportunity, every day, to apply the concepts acquired , whether in the workplace or at home with our children , friends , etc. . easily increased our motivation and our energy .

Since I came back from the day to day training in Aon took on even more luster and I am very eager to continue to reap the results of this learning with our clients , prospects and campaigns .


With thought, communication and positive action come too far and the everyday becomes much more interesting and easy ! "

Varenka Leloup - Aon Portugal | Lisbon Companies

Sandra Geada - Portugal

"Since 2002, I work in training, since 2009 I know NLP, I've heard some things and many more attended.
Of all the sites that I have attended and participated, what I see in I Have The Power Trainers is an excellent quality in presentations, independent of experience as consultants.
What I feel in the I Have The Power team is the spirit of mission, passion and believe in something that reflects the congruence so often mentioned by its founder Dr. Adelino Cunha.
When he says "change the world one person at a time," I identify myself with this philosophy, it may take more time but the result will be more effective and efficient.
Here they not only sell, but they change people.
I know this area and other companies, but to live what they say, it does not appear in other companies as the I Have the Power.
All the training with this company brings people and businesses to another level. "