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Become a Consultant.

Have you ever thought about doing something to help you solve your financial problems and at the same time make a positive change in someone's life?


With clients now in 25 countries, today our mission is to reach millions of people by providing them with the knowledge, tools and support needed to help them reveal their full capacity, achieve their dreams and live the life that they can and should live.

We are creating a multi-disciplinary team of consultants, worldwide, advising clients on the best use of our products and services, to become better and happier people.

An I Have The Power Consultant is an independent representative whose main focus is on identifying businesses and individuals needs and selling our products and services to meet those needs.He is also someone who should have a "business mindset".

During his professional career with us and depending on his performance, objectives and our needs, as well as his capabilities and commitment, he may be invited to be an IHTP Trainer.

Through the action of Consultants, Coaches and Trainers I Have the Power, we will reach millions of people in all continents, who will use the best of themselves.

Why did we create the team of I Have the Power Consultants?

We know by experience the difference that the I HAVE THE POWER can make in a person's life, and we want that to happen to millions of people around the world. For this we select and train the best, so they can really be a difference in the lives of others, advising, training and monitoring our clients with competence and dedication.

There is no better job than helping others to improve and be more successful, being recognized for this effort, finantially and emotionally.

- Are you tired of feeling a growing insecurity, without having the means to react?
- Tired of working, striving, and not be recognized properly?
- You'd like to start something new without the vices and usual frustration, but with something innovative, ethically responsible, and with a strong sense of contribution, to change the world?
- Are you willing to stop whining and roll up your sleeves and go in search of your dreams?

If your answer to these questions is yes, join us and we assure you that what you will find will surprise you.

We want to help all those who feel within themselves the desire to have their own business, to show they are valuable people, who pursue their dreams and are determined to reach them.

We will help to install a new way of doing business, that we call WEALTH DEVELOPMENT - a model in which people make money, doing well and developing the habit of sharing some of that wealth to help others achieve more.

What will you achieve when developing your activity as an I Have the Power Consultant?

As an I Have the Power Consultant you'll have access to a wide range of possibilities, such as:

- Stop being dependent and being the owner of your own business with the I Have the Power brand
- Have discounts on the purchase of IHTP products / services, buying them at resale price
- Achieve additional bonus depending on the volume of business generated
- Make special trips to idyllic locations
- Have public recognition for your performance
- Be associated with a solid, safe, innovative and dynamic company
- Take advantage of a great working environment and a tremendous team spirit, formed by the best team you will find
- Depriving very closely with the founder of I HAVE THE POWER, Dr. Adelino Cunha, learning how to be part of his world elite team
- Have access to excellent training in Leadership, Sales, NLP, Coaching, Public Speaking, etc..
- Getting rid of doubts having access to free monthly advice to continuously improve your performance
- You can create and lead your own team of consultants and reach thousands of people around the world
- Being able to sell our products and services to individuals and businesses
- Have access to quality products and services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
- Leave your limitations and have increasing and unlimited gains   
- Get rid of the chains of time and gain control of your life
- Feel happier and more fulfilled because you can help others to improve
- Finally, realize your dreams in a safe and happy environment.

What can you do to become an I Have the Power Consultant ?

To be a member of this elite team of I Have the Power consultants you will have to go through a selection process of 3 phases:

Phase 1 - you should have a first interview with a consultant who will explain in detail what we do, validate your current skills, personal values and clarify your questions;

Phase 2 - if you have a favorable opinion on the first interview, you'll get a second interview with Dr. Adelino Cunha, founder of I Have the Power;

Phase 3 - after a successful second interview, you will need to invest in the purchase of your I HAVE THE POWER CONSULTANT KIT, which includes training, coaching and products, and you will have in your hand the best opportunity of your life.

Critical success factors to become I Have the Power Consultant:

- Be a dreamy, ambitious, hardworking and enterprising person
- Be someone with the desire to build your own business associated with the I HAVE THE POWER brand
- Be a person aligned with the company values, namely: HUMILITY, MATCHING, TRANSPARENCY, LOYALTY
- Be available to learn because what you do not know yet, you can learn at your own pace, with the support of a team of experienced professionals.

What next?

Take now the decision to change your life and to help change the world, one person at a time, because you can do it.

Do not continue to postpone your dreams, join us and start winning the future.

Join our winning team today because you deserve the best!!

Learn about the inspiring view of one of our Consultants:

Being an IHTP Consultant  is something that is within reach of anyone who wants to be better.
From a certain point, I looked for my age bracket, to my academic training and the labor market and decided to invest in my training.
And one day I found an website that advertised a personal development course
I sign up in this course, not quite knowing what to expect, but the subject attracted me "Best People can achieve Best Results."
I also had nothing to lose, because they gave me total satisfaction guarantee: if I did not like it, I would get my investment back.
I assure you that was the best course I've done in my entire life.
Then I did another, more advanced, then other with introduction to NLP, then the management teams, and I will not stop because I realized that the method works.
The system, which is composed by several components that interact with each other, allows ANYONE to succeed in the area you want, obviously from applying the methodology.

I became a consultant, in addition to other reasons, because I have a 9 years old son, Pedro, and it was thinking about him and other young people like him and my family that I took the step to become a consultant.
This methodology can not be learned in any school or in any college, and to become better people enables us to get ahead, to be on that level that allow us to have a different view of things of other people, and young people are our future.

Turn threats into opportunities.
Replace problems by challenges.
Look at the glass half full when others see half empty.
Persist until you succeed.

And this is reflected in everyday life. I assure you.

Compare the following behaviors and see if you can identify some of them in a neighbor, friend, or acquaintance:

Always available for the effort to defeat the other.
Available to persist until receiving subsidies.
Make an appointment and does not appear
Saying one thing and doing the opposite.
Spending the day complaining instead of contributing to the change.


A consultant must be available to help others.
Learn and help others to improve. Be available for the effort.
Available to persist until achieve excellence.
Dare to make dreams into reality.

Are there so many people who are available to help change the world?
That's what makes an IHTP Consultant - help change the world.

An activity with a lot of work, with a great future, extremely passionate, accompanied by teams of fantastic and motivated people, which is extremely rewarding and reward extraordinary.

Jorge Mendonça - IHTP Consultant - Porto - Portugal



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