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Kathy Fehst Barroso - SICORO CEO

"I had heard a lot about NLP and I confess that from the beginning I wanted to know more about this subject. The fact that we are able to motivate and change us , in terms of personal relationships , leadership , communication and thereby achieve a level of excellence captivated me and I decided to enroll in a course . Of course I put the question of where to take this course and all references led me to a person : Dr. Adelino Cunha .
I enrolled in the course and I know Dr. Adelino Cunha .
It was a unique experience .
Besides being a nice person and charismatic Dr. Adelino has the ability to translate and communicate in a simple and understandable way, something as complex as Neuro Linguistic Programming .
There were three days of intense training , but fun and enriching for all .
I guarantee that the following Monday when we return to work immediately started thinking and acted differently . Think , Say and Working for Success are concepts that Dr. Adelino teaches as a master to be applied at all levels of our lives .
I would strongly recommend to anyone who is curious or just really want to learn more , the courses of Dr. Adelino Cunha in NLP and Coaching . "