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The Quatric Formula for Success!


The Quatric Formula for Success!

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The Quatric Formula for Success!

4 Day Certification - 11,12,13,14 October 2018

by Scott Schmaren the creator of “The Quatric Formula for Success”

Scott Schmaren partnership with Solfut - I Have the Power

Who is Scott Schmaren?


NeuroPerformanceologist, Scott Schmaren is an internationally known hypnotist, speaker, coach and author.

He co-wrote the book, “Stepping Stones to Success”, along with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Denis Waitley.

He is also the creator of, “The Quatric Formula for Success” which is the life transformation program he created to literally transform every area of his life, including helping him lose and keep off more than a 180 pounds.

Scott has appeared on “Oprah” and Oprah said, “If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you!".  

Scott is a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show and Daily Mail.

He has also appeared on Fox News, Coast to Coast Radio and has been featured in Reader’s Digest and The New York Times.  

Scott recently appeared on the television show, “Moving America Forward”, with William Shatner and Doug Lewellyn and was honored for his work.

Scott has also spoken for many organizations including  the women’s organization “Dress for Success” at their “Leadership Conference” and their “International Success Summit”.

Scott has also presented a Ted Talk.

Scott’s process of transformation is being used to help cancer patients, children and adults from all walks and areas of life.

Scott has committed his life to helping others overcome the obstacles and challenges in their lives and to help them create and live the life of their dreams.


MAHC Hypnotist of the Year

Certified Psy-TaP Practitioner

Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotist: Leidecker Institute

Graduate Trainer: The Silva Method of Mind Development

Certified Design Human Engineering Practitioner, Dr. Richard Bandler

Certified NLP Practitioner: National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Certified NLP Speaker (Trained with Dr. Richard Bandler and Pure NLP)

Certification in Advanced Hypnotic Inductions: Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis

Certification in Advanced Imprint Removal: Mottin and Johnson Institute of Hypnosis

Certified Level 1 and 2 EFT Practitioner

Faculty Member and Instructor: National Guild of Hypnosis

Faculty Member and Instructor: Mid American Hypnosis Conference

Honored Presenter and Instructor: American Association of Ethical Hypnosis

Creator of: “The Quatric Formula for Success

Media Coverage

Guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”

Multiple appearance on “The Howard Stern Show”

Coast to Coast Radio (Clear Channel)

Fox News Radio

Frank Mathie: WLS-ABC News Chicago

Dan Del Campo: KPRL Talk Radio California

Cindy Locher: “Hypnosis Today” KDWA Radio

Marilyn Ocasio and Steve Duncanson: “Paradigm Shifters” Cocoa Express Show, New York

The New York Times

Reader’s Digest


Huffington Post

“Moving America Forward”, with William Shatner and Doug Lewellyn

TEDx University of Baltimore, “The Three Best Friends You Have on the Journey of Your Life”.

The Program

Day 1

Introduction to “The Quatric Formula for Success”

Introduction to the key components of the system:

The “4 R’s” (Relax, Release, Reprogram and Reinforce)

The power of your breath

Accessing the relaxed state of mind

Group breathing exercise

Constructing a simple yet powerful daily routine that will bring you life long happiness and success…(Breaking up into small groups)

Hypnotic session activating the the first “R”, “Relax”

Group discussion on the experience

Day 2

Group discussion on experiences and awareness from the previous day

Waking up and becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and habits.

Introduction to the second “R”, “Release” the key to lasting change.

The power of letting go and why it is necessary to permanent change

Limiting beliefs exercise

Discussing the limiting belief exercise

Hypnotic session activating the second “R”, “Release”

Letting go of the junk, garbage and crap from your past.

Group discussion on the experience

Homework (Daily routine)

Introduction to the third “R”, “Reprogram”

Creating the vision of your success and how it is the key to achievement and empowering and energizing your goals.

How to leverage the power of your subconscious mind to bring your vision to life

“Vision” homework (Creating the life of your dreams)

Day 3

Detailed discussion on the homework

Fine tuning and adding more detail using all modalities to your vision

Creating a powerful scenario for your “Vision”

“The Movie of Your Life”

Your subconscious mind is a goal achieving machine and how to use to make your vision a reality.

Hypnotic session activating the third “R”, “Reprogram”

Installing your vision into your subconscious mind

Discussion of “Vision” hypnotic session experience

Introduction to the fourth “R”, “Reinforce”

Discussion on the two ways the subconscious mind makes permanent change and how you can use them, easily and effortlessly.

Hypnotic session activating the fourth “R”, “Reinforce”

Discussion about the experience

Putting all the pieces of “The Quatric Formula for Success” together and using it in your daily life

Patience, Persistence and Faith...Your three best friends on the journey of your life.

Hypnotic session...Supercharging every part of your body, mind and spirit.

Day 4

Opening exercise “Accessing the Most Powerful State of Mind”

Teaching “The Quatric Formula for Success”

Setting up a program for your clients

Intake (first session) Asking good questions and decoding their history

How are they using their three major modalities?

The language of the mind and using it to effect change and install positive behaviors in your clients.

Hypnotic session activating your teaching skills, instincts, intuition and heightening your senses.

The magic of breath and how it controls the body, mind and spirit

Understanding the hypnotic state: How it works and why it is so powerful.

How do induce the hypnotic state:

Tonality of voice

Language patterns

Metaphors (story telling)

Presentation of certification

Closing hypnosis session “I am a Superstar”

Note: It is possible that it may vary or change some what as I work on the program more and it evolves.


4 Day Certification - 11,12,13,14 October 2018

Schedule: 10h to 20h


Until June,30  - 800 Eur + VAT

Until July, 31 - 900 Eur + VAT

Until  September, 30  - 1000 Eur + VAT

After 1st October - 1250 Eur + VAT

It includes Lunches, Cofee-breaks, documentation and 16 Powerful Life Changing Hypnotic Recordings (value 800 USD) for you to expand all this knowledge after the certification.

Course will be taught in English


I Have the Power Excellence Center
Edifício Camões

R. de Camões, 113-115  - 6º

4000-144 Porto

Join us now for The Quatric Formula for Success! and start building your dreams now.

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