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What we do

An INTEGRATED system created to Ensure Your Success.

To succeed is simple and can be learned and trained.

Although many people have the mistaken belief that triumph is difficult or reserved only to some, this is not the truth, demonstrated many times in the history of mankind.
It turns out, however, that education systems have distorted innate capacities of the human being, training him more to fail than to succeed, projecting people into a world that is very different from the real, and not effectively preparing people to live in a world of greater uncertainty, competitiveness where systems and individuals are increasingly important. This misalignment between reality and preparation / vision of the individual creates huge conflicts that materialize on the day-to-day.

What we did was to identify and model standards and tools and integrate them successfully, simply, in a methodology we call CPS - Conditioning for Success ®, which operates on three pillars:

- Thought
- Communication
- Action.

We created an INTEGRATED system designed to train you to ensure your success, which is composed of the following steps:


We are a  (Direcção Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho) accredited company and we deliver COURSES, where we can teach how to apply the conditioning for Success in your life.

A different way of teaching and a faster way to learn, with safe and permanent results.

Meet our practical courses, geared to train people to success, available in different ACADEMIES, targeting specific audiences and needs.

To download our PDF with our global offer, please click here 


More than motivation we train your employees to acquire the beliefs and certainties that will improve and achieve lasting results and growing.

Dynamic, exciting, motivating and of great impact interventions. Feel the impact of energy, motivation, knowledge, and above all, the force transmitted by someone who applies what he speaks in his businesses and in his life.

Watch a lecture by Dr. Adelino Cunha and see how  I HAVE THE POWER and Conditioning for Success can do for you, your family and your organization.

Enjoy the moments of encounter, such as Fellowship Dinners, Conferences, presentations, etc.., to join your group and maybe let someone from outside to say truths so often repeated and not practiced.

Raise your team morale, motivation and knowledge, updating the knowledge they already have with the latest discoveries in the field of Personal Excellence and High Performance. Take advantage of the research and the results of others and copy the Success patterns.

If it is really important for you and your organization, to create a culture of LEADERSHIP, MOTIVATION and strong COMMITMENT to EXCELLENCE, Contact-us and ask a proposal!


As we know that it is not difficult to learn, but to apply what we learn, we created for you some tools (books, CD, DVD, MP3) to help you remember and practice continuously.


Power Gym is an educational program on CD and MP3, which allows listening to diverse information on topics related to Personal Excellence, as well as interviews with personalities from multiple sectors.
More than words, examples of the paths of others are useful adjuncts to understand the patterns of success that we can leverage to include in our lives.

Power Gym is a fundamental tool of training and daily motivation.


Selected videos and content to help you to improve even more.


Selected books to help you improve different areas of your life.


We have customers in 22 countries that trust in our COACHING services to improve their lives.

      - Life Coaching - personal coaching for adults and youth
      - Team Coaching  
      - Executive Coaching
      - Business Coaching - coaching for business development

Tailored solutions

Companies in several sectors, professional football clubs, nonprofits, etc.. have given us the honor of collaborating to develop comprehensive and integrated solutions motivation and training for the projection of High Performance within their organizations.

We help organizations in the implementation of advanced solutions of Motivation, Effective programs of incentives, social environment diagnosis, etc..

We'll check your needs and our team will help you to implement this model in your organization with the necessary follow-up to become a success and an indispensable tool in improving productivity and results.