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"I HAVE THE POWER" was born in 2002 with a clear objective: to disseminate methods and practices for success, enabling anyone to learn how to win!


Dr. Adelino Cunha, the founder of IHTP, is a son of two extraordinary people: an office employee and a small store owner. 
As a good student he finished his degree in Applied Mathematics - Computer Science, with 17 points of 20, being the best student of his course.

From his youth, during his college and later in his professional life, Dr. Adelino Cunha watched what was happening around him and since 1980 he seeks answers to some questions that too often occupied his mind:

- Why some people triumph and others not?

- Why do some people want to succeed and fail, despite doing everything to achieve it?

- Why is it that people, with everything in its favor, do not become successful, and others with enormous obstacles, realize their dreams?

- Is it possible to devise a detailed plan of action, with proven efficacy, allowing to teach anyone to be more successful?

This search led him to different parts of the world, to learn from masters of different origins, religions and professions, creating a burning desire to contribute to such a method was created and could be taught to all who want to learn.

Based on the teachings of great masters such as Jesus Christ, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Richard Bandler and others, as well as high performance technologies such as NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), starts the conception of a method of high performance training called CPS - Conditioning for Success ®.

In September 1996, makes the decision to terminate the office of Director occupying at a software development company, and at January 1, 1997 starts from scratch, creating SOLFUT Ltd and other companies in the area of information systems.
Applying the methods he has learned, helps one of the companies to achieve in the first year, a turnover of Eur 150,000. and to exceed 500,000 Eur in the second year. This took him to sell his share and devote himself to Solfut Ltd full time.

In 2002 changes the focus of Solfut, away from the software development area, register the I HAVE THE POWER brand and throws himself body and soul into transforming this dream into reality, from Portugal, but with a mission that already transcends borders and the European continent.

Why not all triumph?

Much of failure or lack of success, is due to the lack of knowledge and information on the best ways of thinking, communicating and acting. On the other hand, many people know what they should do but do not do what they know.

On the day when we have a problem with a computer, or with a photocopier, we call a technician.
And if we have problems with people? And if that person is ourself? What do we do? How do we prevent situations?

Leaders, people in positions of responsibility, or even the ordinary citizens, have repeatedly attitudes and behaviors that reveal ignorance of practices and techniques that greatly improve their lives, either personally or professionally. It seems that, from generation to generation, there are those who continue to repeat the same mistakes when they could benefit from the experience and wisdom of others who have achieved extraordinary results.

Some insist on thinking that they don't need to learn or improve, when what we see is that the best and the biggest are humble and say exactly the opposite.

It's time to stop, think, communicate and act differently.

It is possible to have better people, better families, better companies and a country (and a world) much better.
Not just with different laws, but above all with a New Mentality, believing that the real success is possible, is balanced, is good, and that the means we have (power, money, influence, name, course, etc..) are only amplifiers of who we really are, manifesting the work that we do and the results we get.

Life is a permanent choice and we have to decide what kind of world we are helping to build.


It is also in our hands to help improve the world, through our example.

For what?

I HAVE THE POWER is already proving that anyone can accomplish their dreams, since they remain true in the application of principles and methods of thought, communication and action, grouped in the Conditioning for Success methodology, which increasingly people apply in their lives, with extraordinary results.
Methods and concepts simple and effective, so that anyone can apply them.
We train people so that they succeed and develop programs that help acquire a mindset that allows them to implement a model that Dr. Adelino Cunha calls WEALTH DEVELOPMENT. This is to give meaning to the wealth generated, and to contribute to help others to be able to improve their lifes.

Is it worth it?

One day a man was walking along the beach and saw the beach full of starfish that had been given to the coast, and they will die if they do not return to the sea.
Suddenly he sees a boy desperately trying to save the starfish.
The man asks the boy:
- Hey boy, you're not going be able to save the starfish. Millions are dying. Why do you keep trying to save them?
The boy, with his little eyes, but with unwavering determination, bends down, takes a starfish in his little hand, looks at the man, and tells him, throwing it into the sea:
- For this will be worth it!


In the future, it will be taught in schools, from primary school, success principles and methods that improve the performance of children, youth and adults. Everyone will have access to training and support that allows them to improve as human beings, managing conflicts and preparing them for the failures that arise in the course of those triumphs. 
In the future, not too distant, we will valuate the child who is striving, the teacher who gives his best, the professional who excels and the entrepreneur who is ethical and socially responsible. Politicians who truly strive to change the world will be increasingly valued.

I HAVE THE POWER will increasingly become a reference brand in the world, known for:

- COMPETENCE of our Coaches, Trainers and Training Programs, which are one of the most demanding in the market, that generates results to our customers in the shortest time possible

- MAXIMUM CONGRUENCE because we only teaches what we practice, and we practice what we teach

- LOYALTY to the company's employees, suppliers and customers

- HONESTY and TRUTH materialized in compliance with best practices and transparency in relationships

- TOTAL BELIEF in the human capacity to learn and improve, because we are born to succeed.

Looks like utopia, but this future reality is already happening today:

- In business we increasingly appreciates someone competent and honest.
- Suppliers that cheated and took advantage of their customers are having difficulty surviving in the market.

The world is changing, and changing rapidly materializing the success patterns that exist in every human being, since birth.

Through the action of  I Have the Power Consultants, Coaches and Trainers , we are reaching millions of people in different continents, who will use the best of themselves.

Our mission is to reach millions of people by providing them with the knowledge, tools and support needed to help them reveal their full capacity, realize their dreams and live the life that they can and should live.

There is no better gift to someone than offer them the possibility of personal development.