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High Performance with NLP (in company)


High Performance with NLP (in company)

7000 people listened to him at the Atlantic Pavillion in Lisbon, in 2008.

More than 100,000 people have listened and learned from Adelino Cunha, in several countries.

Customers from various countries, pay individual coaching sessions to improve their personal and professional lives.

Adelino Cunha learned from the best:

"Adelino Cunha is a professional who loves what he does. I can say that he is a dreamer, and more importantly, is a “do-er”, who believes that learning with the best is the most important strategy to be able to help others to improve their lives. As one of our internationally Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®, he is one of our best choices for anyone that wants to learn NLP in Portugal and abroad." - Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Tony RobbinsPaul McKennaRichard Bandler

Now it's your turn to to learn directly what to do to start a new direction in your life and put yourself at the top .

Author of 6 books about success, leadership and network marketing businesses, creator of  the most important audio training program for Personal Excellence in Portuguese , motivational speaker and Coach of sports athlets, businessmen, students and youth .

Come to learn directly how to apply Adelino Cunha Conditioning for Success and NLP in your life , toward High Performance .

Come to  listen to the secrets and strategies of winners and see with your own eyes , how to create profound changes in your life and feel the immense power you have.

In one of the most beautiful , exciting , educational and fun courses of your life , you will conquer all obstacles that  prevent you the use of  the force that quickly will change your life and may  live intensely the power of conditioning for Success ( CPS ) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) in your life.

Many people have taken advantage of this knowledge but you are the only one that may determine its usefulness for you.

Students , businessmen , top athletes , professionals from various industries, are currently advised personally by Adelino Cunha on its way to implement the conditioning for Success in their personal and professional lives .

In I HAVE THE POWER - HIGH PERFORMANCE WITH NLP , you will be trained  personally by Adelino Cunha , with the same key strategies , beliefs , practices, communication and psychology used by major world leaders in their climb to success .

Through a program specially designed for those who want to succeed you will live three days in a dreamy atmosphere with time to break free and enjoy every moment , and with the wonderful opportunity to mingle with people and enjoy and be in touch with the latest successful methods .


After completing this course you will be able to identify and design high levels of personal and professional performance , applying the most amazing techniques of CPS - Conditioning for Success , NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Human Excellence
systems modeling.

What you will learn :

- How to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically to face the real success .
- How to enable the forces that make anyone into action .
- How to transform limitations into powerful features , like great athletes , leaders and entrepreneurs do .
- How to put yourself instantanously in a state of maximum physical , mental and emotional
performance , which enable the force that you will find that overcome obstacles in your personal and professional lives .
- How to discover what you really want out of life - what you love and what you hate - and discover the motivation to live life with passion .
- How to improve your communication skills and relationships , connecting easily with anyone, at personal and professional level .
- How to create compelling relationships , in your personal and professional life - mastering methods satisfactory to both parties .
- How to develop strategies to better understand and influence others .
- How to inspire yourself and others in order to achieve high levels of performance .
- How to identify and replace limiting beliefs into action stimulants generating consistent results .
- How to help others achieve their dreams .
- How to create wealth and achieve financial independence .

3 dias

Schedule: In accordance with customer

Dates: In accordance with customer

Minimum nr of participants: 10

Maximum nr of participants: 10 000
Venue: In accordance with customer


- scalable - depends of nr. of participants
- call us to have your best proposal


In this 1st day you will learn and practice the tools that will allow you to break the constraints that have prevented to show your real value.

In this 2nd day you will discover what REALLY want from your life and what will make you even more happy, learning to stay focused on your path to happiness.

In this 3rd day you will learn to cope with major obstacles that unable you to get what you want and how to change that to get stronger every day.

Trainer / Facilitator:
- Course given by DR. ADELINO CUNHA - Founder of the I Have the Power

Registration includes:

- Documentation +
- Diploma +
- 3% discount on credit for future purchases.


- Payment must be made before the course starts
- Addition - travel and subsistence costs for the Trainer

In the purchase of this item you get 0.00 credits to use on future purchases.




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